Learning to Drive – advice for parents

Providing your learner with a lot of driving experience will help them be a safer driver. Learners who are supervised have a very low risk of crashing. However, the first 12 months on P plates is the most high risk time for all drivers.

Learning to drive is an important part of growing up, and helping your child to achieve this is an important role for many parents. There are a lot of resources to help you be an effective supervisor and there are some very important things you need to know when your child gets their licence and drives alone.

What are the facts?


What are the rules?

To be eligible to sit for a probationary licence, learners need to:

What can parents do?

When supervising your learner:

Being a good role model

Being a good role model is very important. What parents do shows their child how they want him or her to behave. How you drive, will influence your child in the same way as what you eat or how much you exercise. So, try to practise what you preach – obey the road laws and drive safely. Take responsibility for yourself if you have committed traffic offences in the past. Admit your own mistakes and talk about the negative consequences and how you can avoid future offences.

Other resources

“Until my oldest child started learning to drive and I read some of the materials related to helping her get experience I didn’t realise how safe the learner period is and just how many crashes P plate drivers have. It certainly has motivated me to be very involved and monitor my child’s driving when they get their P’s.”

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